Echinacea Tincture

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Echinacea tincture is an absolute staple in my herbal medicine cabinet. This tincture is made with organic echinacea augustifolia, which in my experience, is more effective. This herb is known as one of "nature's antibiotics." For that reason, it is not recommended to use echinacea daily but rather use it on an as needed basis. I've found it to be highly effective for the secondary infections that often accompany a cold or flu, such as a a sinus infection or bacterial infection in the lungs or throat. Because it works so well with bacterial infections, historically it has been effective with mastitis, UTI, sinusitis, bronchitis, staph, and so on. I highly recommend you add this tincture to your collection! Of course, I am not a doctor and can't give you medical advice so be sure to do your own research when using this lovely plant ally!

Ingredients: organic echinacea augustifolia, vodka.

**This statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease.**