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Community Supported Herbalism: Autumn Offering Box

We are so thrilled to be sharing these seasonal offerings with you! Our Autumn Offering Box will be geared towards all things back to school and the beginning of “sick season,” as always we will have a balance of health care and self care products to share! The actual products you receive will be a surprise, which we think is half of the fun! You can expect things like: herbal syrup kits, DIY kits and recipes, nontoxic body products, herbal lip balms, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, herbal bath products, loose leaf herbs with suggested uses, seasonal bath bombs and so much more. Most offerings will be unique and exclusive, not our normal product lineup! We understand that many of our customers have families so you can rest assured that a large majority of the products you will receive will be products we use on or around our own children! As always, all of these products have been handcrafted with love and high quality ingredients! 

What's the benefit of a Community Supported Herbalism box? Well, if you've ever purchased a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, you know you pay a certain amount of money upfront but receive significantly more produce than you would normally receive for that price! CSH is the same way! Our Autumn Box is $50, but you can expect to receive at least $100 worth of product! Pre-order pricing of $50 is valid until 4/1/2020 or while supplies last. If any boxes remain, the price becomes $60 after this date. Order early for the best price!


Please note these boxes ship in September! If you are purchasing additional items with your offering box, they will also ship in September. If you need your additional products sooner, please place separate orders.