wild rose + sea salt

wild rose + sea salt

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We are beyond excited to have partnered with Buddha Chocolate to share with you their truly magical chocolate experience. We could not be more inspired by their vision and product. We know you will love this chocolate just as much as we do! It makes a wonderful addition to our shop! Read below for information regarding this particular bar:
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wild rose + sea salt

Single origin Öko Caribe cacao gently sweetened with nourishing organic coconut sugar, enchanted with delicate Oregon rose petals and flake sea salt. 70% cacao. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

vegan . paleo . organic  

no: dairy, soy, gluten, or refined sugar

100% compostable package . 2 oz chocolate bar 

Ingredients: Organic cacao, Organic coconut sugar, Organic cacao butter, Organic rose petals, Oregon coastal sea salt

Contains: Coconut sugar. Made in a facility with peanuts and tree nuts